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About Agri History

– History of Noah begins with the Flood of Noah. According to the stories and legends about the flood, the human generation has descended from Ağrı to the world by descending from the ship that sits on the mountain.

-The geographic location and the passing of the Asian-European highway take its history to centuries ago. The history of Agri is as old as the history of Anatolia. The most important way of facilitating the passage of crowded masses from Central Asia and Iran to the west (Anatolia) is here, and it has a historical – strategic position in every period. At the same time, it is the first stop of immigration and raids coming to Eastern Anatolia. Those who want to conquer Asia Minor have always come through Iran because they cannot descend from the Caucasian mountain range, and the first entrance gate of Anatolia (Ağrı) has been the way for them. For this reason, Ağrı was not a permanent center of culture and civilization. Living in the area due to the passage and border
the people have often changed, raids, wars, and destroyed material settlements with material culture.

-The oldest community settled in the region and around it, the Hittites lost their power in the region
The Hurris are. Ağrı, BC 1340-1200 is located in the north-eastern end of the Kingdom of Hurri. Urartu (1200-600 BC) dominated the region after the Hurers, about 500 years.
they lived in the land. Urartu; Patnos, Aladağ, Tutak, Eleşkirt (Toprakkale) and Doğubayazıt established important settlements, castles, palaces, temples, waterways made. Some of the remains of the Urartu ruins in the mentioned regions have survived to the present. The establishments established important palaces and worshipes in Patnos. Anzavur hill in the west of the city and the peak mounds of Girik hill to the east. The castle on the hill has holy Haldi gates and temples. Excavations have been carried out by Ankara University between 1961-63 on both hills. Girik Tepe has lost its importance after the fall of the Urartu state and settled in the region since Urartu.

-M.Ö.680 in the region of Sakalar Murat River and Doğubeyazıt settled in a short time. Later on, Arsaks and Artaksiyasli Kingdom dominated around Ağrı and its surroundings.

-Arabs, the Prophet. During Osman’s caliphate years, they conquered Ağrı and its environs and became influential in the region. In 645 and 646, the Islamic army conquered Ağrı and later in Nakhichevan. Ali also said that he fought against the lands of Agri. Fortress, location, stone and rock traces belonging to these legends and narratives exist in every district. The area remained under the rule of the Abbasids until 872. In the years 872-912, Taçoğulları, who were of Turkish origin, came to dominate here. In the following years, the activity passed to the Byzantines. At the end of the century, Bagratlites settled in Beyazıt and Eleşkirt basins; over time they took control of the region. Beyazit (Gokovit) Sanjak was an important center of Bagratlid.Bagrat the people in the region until 1064 they held in the hands of the regional administration. XI. century, Ağrı and its region, Byzantines
With the Turks and the Arabs changed hands several times.

-Turkey’s Mount Ararat is the highest mountain (5165 m.), Anciently scholars, mountaineers and adventurers attracted the attention of many stories, was the subject of song and legend. According to the common belief in the Bible and Torah, the mountain that is mentioned in the Torah gives an important position in terms of tourism; Noah has covered the earth in the time of Prophet Muhammad. In order to teach people a lesson, God commands Noah to build a ship. The ship to be built with a height of 300 cubitos, 50 cubic feet in width and 30 cubits high, together with the wives of Noah, his wife, his sons and his sons, 7 males, 7 females, 2 males and 2 females of reptiles will be fed with enough food from all living species on earth. Noah does the ship according to the order of God and enters the ship with the living things. After 7 days and 40 days and 40 nights, all living things disappeared. With the withdrawal of the water, the ship sits on Mount Ararat and the creatures inside it leave the ship with joy and spread to the earth. This; The mountain, which is very special in terms of religion, impresses with its imposing appearance on a flat land, suddenly rising from heaven to earth, snowy peaks in summer, vegetation and animal species it hosts.

– The name of the province, known as shorbulak in Ottoman period, was changed to Karakilise in the time of the Armenians. In the time of Kazım Karabekir Pasha, the name was changed to Karaköy and named as Karaköse. Because of the interest of Noah’s Flood, it is known that Ararat Mountain and its Country, which is mentioned in the Torah, are called Ağrı and its surroundings. In 1834 the parish, in 1869 the district of Agri, in 1927 became the provincial center. 5165 m. Due to the height of Mount Ararat, Turkey’s biggest mountain of pain took its name.


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