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About Amasya History


-Amasya’s history Based on 4000 years. After the Hittites, the Assyrians occupied Amasya for a while. The Hittite capital, Hattuşaş, is in the south west of Amasya.

-B.C. Persian and BC In the 4th century, he was invaded by the Macedonian King Alexander the Great. Before moving to Sinop, the capital of the Pontus kingdom, it was Amasya. B.C. In the 1st century, when the Romans defeated the Mitridat, Amasya went into the Roman Empire. A.D. In 355, it was captured by the Byzantine Empire, the continuation of the Roman Empire. In 712, the Arabs conquered Amasya with the Islamic armies. But after a while the Byzantines took Amasya back. 1071 Shortly after the battle of Malazgirt became the capital of Danismendoglu. Melik Danişmend Ahmed Gazi conquered Amasya.

-Then Turkey was dominated by subsequently passing Amasya Ilkhanate the domination of the Seljuks. Great Sheikh Hasan, appointed to power after Timurtaş’s escape to Egypt, sent Alaaddin Eratna to Anatolia. After a while, Eratna declared his independence and founded the Eratna Principality. In 1360, Shadgeldi left the Eratna Principality and established the Amasya Principality in Amasya.

Bayezid added Amasya to the Ottoman Empire in 1393. The Ottomans made the name isim Şehzadeler city ad during the time of the Ottomans. The Ottoman sultans Murad II and Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan were born in Amasya. Fatih Sultan Mehmed Khan became the governor of Amasya when he was 8 years old. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent often came to Amasya. The second Bayezid spent his childhood in Amasya.

-1402 When Timur Khan won the Battle of Ankara, he asked Amasya to surrender. Amasya did not surrender. He saved Timur from punishing the people of Amasya and from the scholars in Amasya. Ilyas Çelebi, Timur asked about the ten suali consciousness, Timur, donated the people of Amasya. Amasya became the base of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed who had established the Ottoman Empire for the second time. After the unity of the state, Amasya became the sanjak center. He also served as the central sanjak of the Greek province. The Ottoman sultans such as Sultan Murad II and Bayezid II, and some of their princes, came to the sancak in Amasya.

Under the Ottoman rule, Amasya witnessed many historical events. The first peace between the Ottoman Empire and the Safavid Empire of Iran was made on May 29, 1555 in Amasya.

Amasya, which has been transformed into a starch after Sivas, has occupied an important place in the War of Independence and Sivas Congress has been decided here. Famous Amasya Circular to all cities of Turkey has announced here and Amasya Protocol was signed here.

-1773 and 1841, a severe earthquake in 1915, a large fire has devastated Amasya.


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