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About Antalya History

– According to the rumors of BC 2.. Attalos, King of Pergamon; Find me a heaven on earth; Founded by the order and named after its founder, Attaleia was founded in the most fertile geography of Anatolia, where today’s Antalya is the intersection of Ancient Pamphylian Psidia Lycian Regions. Throughout the history of Antalya, culture is the culmination of the mythology of architecture and art. Because the nature of the dark blue seas of majestic Taurus glorious cascades inspired by color trees and flowers of color trees Antalya.

– Great Leader Atatürk saw for the first time in the spring of 1930 in Antalya, while watching the color change of the mountains behind the dark blue sea in vain. in the inviolability of history … Antalya, with the analogy of an Australian researcher in the 19th century; The imaginative beautiful landscapes drawn by European writers are perhaps unimaginably beautiful and true. Today Antalya; capital of tourism; This is the source of a long and challenging adventure. Winner of international awards lined boulevards with palm trees located between the natural beauty of Antalya is Turkey’s most important tourism center with the marina. The narrow streets and old wooden houses in Kaleiçi, which form a charming corner with traditional architecture, are based on the historic city walls. has been a permanent residential area. Before the Ottoman sovereignty, the city remained under the rule of Byzantine and Seljuk Empire. Yivli Minareli Mosque, which was built by Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat in 13th century, became the symbol of Antalya. The Karatay Madrasa of the same period in Kaleiçi exhibits the finest example of Selçuk stone work in the city. The two most important mosques of the city are the 16th-century Murat Pasha Mosque and the 18th-century Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque. Next to the marina is the İskele Mosque, which was built on four columns on a natural fountain in the 19th century.

The Hidirlik Tower was built as a lighthouse in the second century after Milat. Kesik Minareli Mosque Roman Byzantine is a summary of the history of the city that lived in Seljuk and Ottoman periods. When Emperor Hadrian visited Antalya in 130 BC, a three-arched gate was built on the city walls in his honor. Hadrian’s Gate is still visible with all its beauty today. The clock tower in the castle gate square was also part of the old city walls. The picturesque views of the Bey Mountains, which are integrated with the Antalya Bay, cannot be satisfied with the varying shades of colors of Atatürk and Karaalioğlu Parks adorned with various sub-tropical plants.

-Antalya Kale inner marina and entertainment center is one of the most beautiful marinas of our country. Souvenir shops café bar disco and restaurants yacht services and Turban Kaleici Marina are large enough to provide every tourist. Morning sailers can relax in the tranquil setting of Antalya Setur Marina in the afternoon. The old city walls illuminated at night give the city historic identity. The Archeology Museum, which exhibits works dating from the Paleolithic Age to the Ottoman Period, reflects the rich history of the region. The Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, held in autumn, attracts both participants and viewers. Some theater and classical music concerts are staged on certain days of the year in the ancient theater in Aspendos. The area around Antalya exhibits amazing natural beauties as well as admirable historical ruins. 14 km from Antalya. You can see the magnificent beauty of the Yukarı Düden Waterfall in the northeast and walk in the cave just behind the waterfall. On the way to Lara Beach, Aşağı Düden Waterfall falls into the sea from a height of 40 meters in front of your eyes. The view of the waterfall is even more beautiful than the sea. 18 km from Antalya. Kurşunlu Waterfall and Nilüfer Lake, which are located at a distance, show extraordinary beauty. Lara Beach, which has a wide sandy beach, is 12 km. to the east.

– The pebble Konyaaltı Beach, which is located in the central part and closer to Antalya, is a beautiful place for the breathtaking Bey Mountains. A little further away, the Olympos Bey Mountains National Park and Topçam Beach offer excellent views. For those wishing to stroll among the natural beauties, there are camping areas at the northern end of the park. The bird’s-eye view of the region is revealed from Tünektepe. 50 km from Antalya. Saklıkent is located on the northern outskirts of Bakırlı Mountain, 1750-1900 m. It is an ideal winter sports center. Delicious fresh honey in Antalya for lunch in March and April


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