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About Aydın History


About Aydın History

-Aydin’s history is quite old. B.C. Between 3000 and 2000, the first Oghuz Turks of Central Asian origin came to the Aegean islands, Macedonia, Peloponnese and the Aegean coasts of Anatolia, and also to Aydın. As a matter of fact, when the Oghuz Turks, who came to the 11th century, captured Aydın, they were surprised when they met with the Turks who were Turkish-speaking, who continued some Turkish customs and customs, but who were Christians. In time, the important part of them became Muslims. The first inhabitants of the Aegean islands, like Aydın, are the Turks of Central Asian origin who later lost their ego. First of all, they established Argos.

-The Hittite Empire, which established its first political union in Anatolia, captured Aydın. It was developed during the Hittites (2500 BC). Then the Kingdom of Frikya, the Kingdom of Lydia, the Persians, was captured by the King of Macedonia Alexander the Great (M.Ö.333). The city was rebuilt after the death of Alexander, the Kingdom of Pergamum and the BC. In the year 130, it passed into the hands of the Roman Empire. A.D. When the Roman Empire was divided in 395, Aydın fell to the share of the Eastern Roman Empire.

– Then Kutalmışoğlu First Suleyman Shah, conquered Aydin. But after a while the Byzantines, who took advantage of the Crusades, took the city back again. Menteş Bey, one of the Seljukid lords, conquered Aydın in 1280 and gave it to Sasa Bey. In 1310, Aydınoğlu Mehmed Bey took Aydın back from Sasa Bey.

-İzmir and Aydın were in the Aydınoğulları (Aydın Türkmen) Principality. The capital city of the city was called Birgi. Until 1335, they continued their existence under the Ilkhanians. They gained their independence by benefiting from the weakening of the Ilkhanians. They entered the Ottoman rule in the time of Murad Khan. In 1390, Sultan Yıldırım joined the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Bayezid Khan. 1402 After the Ankara War, Aydınoğlu Cüneyd ran for independence. But when it was killed in 1426, this attempt was over. It is between the Seljuk period (1186-1300), Aydınoğulları (1300-1426) and Ottoman period (1426-1922).

-Aydın was one of the 14 sanjaks (provinces) of the Anatolian governorate of the province of Kütahya in the Ottoman period. In 1811 the provincial center became a new star in 1830. On 27 May 1919, following the First World War, the Greek army invaded Aydın. Mert and the locals of the locals participated in the 57th Fouls, and on June 30, 1919, the Greek forces were taken out of Aydin. On July 4, 1919, the Greek forces re-invaded and re-invaded the city. On September 7, 1922, he was saved from the occupation. When the Greeks fled, they burned Aydın completely.


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