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About Volkswagen

About Volkswagen

About Volkswagen


In 1937, a total of 24 designers and employees, including Ferdinand Porsche,
established Wolfsburg facilities. The “People’s Car” was produced! The design
and development of the first Beetle (Typ 60) was completed in 1938 after a total
of 4 years of work under the leadership of Ferdinand Porsche.



In 1945, the first Beetle (Typ 60) model, which was started to be reproduced,
produced 1,785 units. In 1948, 20,000th Volkswagen was produced. In 1949,
Volkswagen Beetle (Cabriolet) was launched for the first time.



In 1954, the 500,000th Volkswagen was out of the band. In 1955, the mass
production of the Karmann Ghia Coupe began. In 1957 Karmann-Ghia Cabriolet model
was produced. In 1959, mass production started in Germany




In 1965, the 10 millionth Volkswagen was built and the standard Beetle’s model
code was 1200. Volkswagen 1500 was produced in 1967 with a 1,493 cc, 53 PS
engine on the characteristic sedan body and the rear axle. In 1968, Volkswagen
started to offer semi-automatic gear options in the 1500s.




1970 The front suspension of McPherson type, ventilation grilles on the rear
side windows and the longer bonnet of the Beetle 1302 were produced. The first
generation Passat was launched in 1973 as the first Volkswagen with front-engine
and water-cooled. In 1974, Golf I, the first generation of Volkswagen Golf,
began to be produced. Volkswagen Scirocco was launched in 1972 with the concept
of accessible sports cars. Volkswagen’s first class in the compact class
produced in 1975, the Polo, went on the road.





The second-generation Volkswagen Passat (B2), which grew in size and became a
middle class – large family car, set off in 1981. In Puebla, Mexico, the 20-millionth
Beetle is out of the band. Golf II, the second generation of Volkswagen Golf,
was introduced for the first time in Europe at the Frankfurt Motor Show in
September 1983. In 1985, the latest Volkswagen Beetle, built in Europe, was
placed in a museum in Wolfsburg. The third generation Passat (B3) was released
in 1988.






Golf III was first introduced in November 1991. Polo, the brand’s compact class representative since 1975, was launched for the first time in its third generation with 5 doors. The completely renewed 5th generation Passat (B5) was released in 1996.













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