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What is lupine? What are the benefits?

What is lupine? What are the benefits?







Lupine: (Lupine / Lupine / Lupine) 10-100 cm high, thick hairy, one-year plants. The leaves are hand-shaped, fragmented, with a long stem and 5-9 leaflets. The flowers are in the form of an erect cluster, white or bluish colored, and the flower petal is in the form of a butterfly. It is also known as Jewish broad bean.


Yetistigi place in Turkey: Mediterranean region, Bursa, Konya, Antalya and the environment.

There are three types in our country.
White Jewish pod: It has white flowers. It is an annual plant up to 120 cm high.
Yellow flower Jewish pod: Homeland, Central and Southern Europe.
Blue flower jewish pod: Vatani are the countries of the Mediterranean region.
Of use: The seeds have diuretic, blood purifying and worm-reducing effects. The roasted seeds of some species are used as a coffee substitute under the name “vegetable coffee”. However, using alkaloid-bearing species in this way is dangerous.












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